Augmented reality

Augmented reality

For mobile devices

Augmented reality allows you to add a new digital 3D informational dimension to existing objects by demonstrating digital objects in reality and allows you to interact with them in real time

This is an effective marketing, training or entertainment tool that creates a new parallel world in the existing reality and gives the user a unique multimedia experience interacting with the product.

Marketing and sales

Augmented reality solutions enable organizations to create effective interactive content and increase the convenience of shopping for customers.

Designers, developers and sellers can use virtual 3D models with augmented reality in their physical spaces to view structures in real time and on a scale to quickly receive feedback that allows you to take real action.

AR can help companies create more involving marketing materials, provide customers with virtual access to products in a 3D environment prior to purchase, or expand the capabilities of physical products through interactive games and modern applications.

AR Маркетинг и продажи

AR makes you take a fresh look at the display of products - it completely changes the interaction with the client.

Thanks to augmented reality, even before the purchase, the client will get an idea of the appearance and functions of the product, he will have more clear expectations, greater confidence in the decision and satisfaction with the acquisition.

In the future, AR may even reduce the need for physical stores and showrooms.

AR for industry

The production process is often complex, consists of hundreds of stages and does not tolerate errors. AR gives workers the right information at the right time, reducing crashes and increasing productivity.

AR can receive information from factory automation and control systems, secondary sensors and control systems, visualizing data about each device or process. Seeing the indicators in the process, you can quickly understand and solve the problem, saving the company time and money.

Use Augmented Reality to offer customers digital representations of their products. Augmented reality shortens sales cycles, logistics costs of marketing and sales departments and also allows customers to experience the effect of immersion, providing you a competitive advantage.

AR for industry
Our works:
The internal structure of the thermotechnics in augmented reality

‣ Task - is to create an application for Android and iOS with the help of which the user will be able to see the internal structure of climate thermotechnics and find out the features of key nodes. Target audience - professional installers and installers, distributors and sellers.

‣ Solution - is an application with augmented reality that combines both the catalog of the entire model range and the 3D model in two display options:

  1. to see a virtual cauldron in the interior;
  2. to see the internal filling of the boiler by pointing the camera at the appropriate model.
Augmented reality furniture catalog

‣ Task - the furniture manufacturer wanted to increase sales due to alternative marketing materials, since there is no way to present the whole range of products in the salon, and buyers often refused to buy only according to the picture in the catalog.

‣ Solution - is a mobile application with augmented reality has been created that combines both the catalog of the entire model range and the 3D model of all two furniture samples in different color schemes. With it, sellers on tablets in the salon could demonstrate a three-dimensional model of the product, and buyers could see how the furniture would look at their home.