VR applications

VR applications

For professional solutions

Virtual reality solutions allow you to create innovative products that rethink how users interact with content in various industries, such as entertainment, engineering, architecture, real estate, marketing, and many others.

At the same time, they represent a wide range of business opportunities to create commercially effective products and services with unlimited space for experimentation.

Scope of use:
Virtual training simulators

Transport, energy, oil, gas, production - these industries often need retraining and staff training. Thanks to VR-simulators, virtual reality allows you to simulate situations of any complexity, including extreme risk situations for employees. The method of interaction with the game increases the involvement of users in interactive teaching materials to increase the effectiveness of training

  • To simulate a problem situation in production - everything that cannot be recreated in real life.
  • To immerse the employee in an environment that completely repeats his workplace in real life.
  • To form the employee's practical skills to eliminate a problem situation.
  • To get a competent employee who knows how and is ready to solve production problems of any complexity - from independently repairing expensive equipment to practicing the right actions in emergencies.
Virtual presentations for real estate
  • For total immersion in the interior or exterior
  • The accuracy of the transfer of space and perception of design elements.
  • Possibility of use in sales departments for presenting a project to customers.
  • A professional project appraisal tool for architects and designers to accurately understand the result before construction begins.
Virtual reality for marketing

Inspiration and involvement are just some of the reasons why the world's leading brands create an amazing VR marketing experience.

Using VR as a way to attract your customers, you offer them a completely unique experience from your brand, creating a closer relationship between you . This approach is not perceived as traditional advertising, which makes your audience more susceptible to its content.

Our works:

‣ The task - is to create a virtual presentation for the exhibition stand with the opportunity to get acquainted with the entire range of Bosch products.

‣ The solution - is to create a virtual home fully equipped with Bosch equipment. As the scenario progresses, the user is connected with the entire spectrum of the company's products, from automobile wipers to audio systems and climate control equipment.

Boieng 777-200ER

‣ Objective - Ukraine International Airlines purchased the modern Boieng 777-200ER aircraft. It is required to create an interactive presentation for thematic exhibitions to familiarize the target audience with all its amenities and functions.

‣ Solution - is to create a virtual game in which the user can both independently move on board the aircraft and use all the functions available to passengers, and use the automatic presentation, which shows all the main features of the board.


‣ Task - is to demonstrate the range of equipment for vehicle diagnostics and the process of work

‣ The solution - is to create a VR simulator for a service station. The user, using a set of tools, conducts diagnostics with a simulation of all actions and processes as in the real world.